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Does dropshipping made easy

Does dropshipping made easy ? The answer is YES! How easily it does? And how you can make ful use of it ? Don't go away, you will know right now!

What is the nature of the drop shipping business?

Drop shipping is actually a way to help merchants achieve retail sales. A merchant's store does not store the product to be sold, and when the merchant wants to sell the product, he will purchase the product from a wholesaler, manufacturer, or other third-party source. And if the other merchant provides a representative logistics service, then our product can be sent directly to the customer. We do not need to deal with the storage, packing, delivery, etc. of the goods. Drop shipping is a service in the e-commerce industry that complements the role. The dropshipper does not actually participate in the supply chain because any manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer can act as a shipper.

How easy dropshipping does?

Droship business model is very simple. You can see the picture below:

In the first step, the dealer finds the merchandise to be sold on drop shipping platform and publishes the merchandise information on the merchant's website. Provide consumers with consumer products. Or this step can be the consumer to demand products from the dealer.

In the second step, the dealer handles sales issues together with drop shipping platform or the platform where the dealership store is located. For example, product pricing and so on.

The third step, the consumer orders.

The fourth step, drop shipping suppliers ready to ship.

The fifth step, drop shipping service platform delivery to consumers.

How dropshipping made easy ?

What should we do to start drop shipping business? I will list several relevant points in this section and prove that dropshipping made easy.


● The first point: set up your store onlion

Before we start drop shipping businesss, we must have a platform to provide us with a place to sell products, so we need to set up our store onlion. Chinabrands must be a drop shipping platform that can provide merchants with a quality online store.

(1)Theplatform has a large number of high-quality product resources and very complete product categories. It provides businesses with tens of thousands of the most popular product lines such as apparel, electronics, watches and toys.

(2)It can provide merchants with supply chain services. Business selection, pricing, sales, logistics and distribution can all be implemented on Chinabrands. In addition, the platform can also send businesses' products to other stores, such as Amazon, Aspirations and more than 10 platforms.

(3)It has high-quality logistics efficiency, more than 200 international logistics channels, such as: express delivery, special line, registered number, surface mail, etc., to meet the timeliness and price requirements of businesses.

Based on the above and other advantages, choosing Chinabrands will be easier to achieve "Dropshipping made easy."

● The second point: list your products

When we prepare drop shipping business, we are very likely to face difficult choices. How to choose commodities is a big problem. Of course, you need to find a drop shipping business supplier before you choose a product. There are more than 3,000 generations of suppliers of Chinabrands platform, and their products have stable supply and reliable product quality. When selecting a product on drop shipping business platform, we cannot first choose products that we are not familiar with. Because we often know little about our products that we are not familiar with, we cannot explain or explain the details of our products to our customers. This will cause us some losses. In addition, we can also observe the products that competitive businesses are looking for, because such products often have selling points and can attract customers. When we choose a certain field of goods, we must understand this kind of goods. This type of product may be of great interest to us and it is certain that it can have high sales.

After choosing the products we want to sell, we must remember to contact our suppliers and make sure they have enough stock of goods (if we have products that need to be sold quickly, but the suppliers do not have enough product inventory to provide to us, then We will face losses.)

● The third point: focus on selling.

When we are all ready, we wait for customers to place orders. We need to focus on sales in this part. Before the customer orders, we must let the customer come to our store to buy things. At this time we will promote our shop. There are many ways to promote, such as

●Using social software such as FACEBOOK to promote.

● Search engine promotion.

There are many factors that affect the sales of our products, such as product quality, product packaging, logistics efficiency, and customer service quality. There are many factors that affect sales, so this part has a lot of uncontrollability. We must grasp the uncontrollable factors in order to produce a good sales performance. A high-quality drop shipping platform will provide us with great convenience in sales. Considering the advantages of the CB platform mentioned above, good products, abundant sources of supply, efficient logistics, and other factors that can affect sales, the CB platform has done a very good job, and it is easy drop shipping business.

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